Performance characteristics of vest bag making machine

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1. The vest bag making machine adopts PC or manual control, with reliable performance and high degree of automation. It can automatically identify incorrect commands and avoid accidents caused by incorrect operations.
2. The pre programmed process program can be locked, so that the operator cannot change it without authorization to ensure the quality of the pressed product.
3. The vest bag making machine has functions such as timed mold opening, automatic air release, and automatic pressure replenishment.
4. There are three operating modes available for selection: manual, automatic, and electric.
5. The electric heating press adopts digital display (pointer type) temperature control to control and display the temperature of the heating plate.
Vest bag making machine is applicable to key products such as O-ring, mobile phone, computer keyboard, remote controller, and sealing gasket of pressure cooker, rice cooker, household appliance accessories, food, health, and medical equipment accessories. The production and processing of complex silicone and rubber accessories such as pacifiers, medical supplies, health products, handicrafts, toy seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts, medical silicone products, sports equipment, various utensils, multi-layer molded products, etc.